Jenny Poussin Loves Her A String Bikini!

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Jenny Poussin
Jenny Poussin in her new ruffled string bikini!

Jenny Poussin Booty
Jenny Poussin booty in her bikini bottoms!

Jenny Poussin Boobies
Jenny Poussin pops her boobs out of her bikini top!

Jenny Poussin Midriff
Jenny Poussin shows us her long lean midriff!

Jenny Poussin Tits
Jenny Poussin kinda lets us see her pussy!

Jenny Poussin Pink Pussy
Jenny Poussin spreads her wet pink pussy for us!

Jenny Poussin Spread Ass
Jenny Poussin spreads her ass and pussy for you!

Jenny Poussin Legs
Jenny Poussin with a killer leg picture!

Jenny Poussin once again with her killer toned body, my god not a flaw on her check it out!

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Jenny Poussin Killing Us In This Sexy Set!

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Jenny Poussin
Jenny Poussin with that sexy smile again!

Jenny Poussin
Jenny Poussin sexy full lehs on display while she plays with her hair!

Jenny Poussin
Jenny Poussin stares at us with her big Blue eyes!

Jenny Poussin All Fours
Jenny Poussin gets down on all fours!

Jenny Poussin Ass
Jenny Poussin and all that fine ass!

Jenny Poussin Thong
Jenny Poussin Black thing panties cock blocking us!

Jenny Poussin Boobs
Jenny Poussin holds up her big boobs!

Jenny Poussin Nipples
Jenny Poussin lets us see her nipples!

Jenny Poussin Pussy
Jenny Poussin lets us see that fine clean shaven pussy!

Jenny Poussin on a bed just turning us on, I mean the face alone is all you need, then the boobs, the curves, the ass, and that pussy damn!

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Jenny Poussin In A Sexy Plaid Skirt!

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Jenny Poussin
Jenny Poussin so sexy in her Blue plaid skirt!

Jenny Poussin
Jenny Poussin showing us her killer legs!

Jenny Poussin
Jenny Poussin with some up skirt action!

Jenny Poussin
Jenny Poussin has no bra on!

Jenny Poussin
Jenny Poussin with her huge boobs out!

Jenny Poussin
Jenny Poussin playing with her pig tails!

Jenny Poussin
Jenny Poussin moves her cotton panties to the side!

Jenny Poussin rocking a plaid skirt for us today with a sexy blouse but with no bra! Which is cool, we just get to see more that much quicker!

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A Few Questiosn With Jenny Poussin!


Jenny Poussin’s BIO!

BODY Information:

Shoe Size:
5 1/2

Breast Size: 32DD

Pant Size:

Shirt Size: XXS

Natural Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Height: 5’2”


Birth date: July, 19th, 1982

In what city & country were you born?
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Do you have brothers and sisters?
One Sister Cathy

How many languages do you speak?
French, English, Body Language

Horoscope ign?

Obsessions? Loves

Favorite Websites &

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Food:

Favorite Sport:

Fitness, Shopping, Partying

Dream Vacation:

What Country Would You Most Like to Visit:

Any Sexy Tropical Island where I can wear my most outrageous bikinis!


What do you think makes you sexy?
That I’m both Busty and Fit, plus my fun bubbly personality!

What qualities/features do you look for in the men you date?
Generous, Mysterious, Attentive

What is most important to you and your happiness?
To live my life full of fun sexy adventures

How would you describe your personality
(ie: How would your best friend describe you?)
Easy-going and curious

What is the craziest thing you have done in the past 5 years?
The good question is what s the craziest thing I’ve done in the past week! Giggle

What is it like to be a Beautiful Girl like yourself?
You think I’m beautifull? Awwwwww thanks!

Describe a typical day in your life?
I take my time to wake up, get dress, work out and then enjoy!

Why did you become a model?
Cuz I love showing off!

What are a few of the places you have worked at?
In a Mall, Promo Girl at events and of course in a Gym

What is your Dream Occupation?
Is sun-tanning an occupation? 🙂

If there was one thing you’d like to let your fans know about you, what
would it be?

That sometimes I get really turned on when I m modeling


How many sexual partners have you had in your life?
Can’t remember!

Have you ever been in a threesome? yes/no

Are you attracted to men, women or both?

Favorite sexual position:

Doggy, Riding on top and 69 specially for girl-girl

Any fetishes?
Yes but you need to get to know me better to learn that one!

Where is the craziest place you have ever had sex?
Skating Ring (cold!!!!!)

What age did you lose your virginity?

Describe your #1 sexual fantasy:
A wild sexy harem and I m the girl everyone wants to play with!

Welcome To Club Jenny Poussin!


Jenny Poussin is from Montreal, Canadian, Jenny is 5’2 and weights 102 lbs, she is a 32DD-22-32!

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